Friday, 9 September 2011

Installation Guide

This Is the installation Guide for installing the signal king WiFi adapter to your computer & How To Use Backtrack Beini & Minidwep software.

How - how to install the drivers Signal King Wifi adapter on your computer.

1. Enter a USB WiFi adapter on the USB hub computer / laptop.

2. Insert the CD that was given, then browse to the folder in the cd driver that there is. And install the drivers follow the type of Windows you.

3. If you use Windows 7. Sila right click and run as administrator to install the driver.

4. Wait so prosses finished installing the driver. Restart your computer / laptop.


If you use Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You are required to uninstall the application first. If not, your driver may have problems and do not work. This application will BLOCK kerana driver rather than function.

How To Use Backtrack Beini & Minidwep

1. Install Driver under Win.
2. Boot the CD-ROM Disc From
3. Follow the picture Bellow :

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